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Bridal Consultation

One-on-One Personal Services

Are you a bride that has become a little bit overwhelmed? Do you have questions and are unsure where to look? Are you struggling with finding quality at budget prices? We are here to help! Our 20-60 minute phone consultation service helps you navigate this crazy world of weddings! Those online checklists are great, but often they are not unique to your situation or include a lot of unnecessary items.

Common topics include:

  • Invitation sourcing and printing

  • Venue Selection

  • Catering and food

  • Floral Design

  • Paper Goods

  • Favor donations

  • Registry

  • Wedding Coordinators

  • Hotel Hospitality

We will help guide you and give some good starting point tips. With over 20 years in the event industry, we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge. Professionally, we have serviced brides and corporate clients on event management and production (because, after all, a wedding IS a production!).

While we do provide many services and items, we are not opposed to pointing you in the right direction and there is no obligation to buy from us at all. This is purely a service to help guide you with some of the topics that have become a little confusing or overwhelming for you. We want to make your wedding day as stress free as possible!

....HOW IT WORKS....
Phone consultations will be scheduled M-F 10am - 2pm. Prior to the phone consultation, you should email/convo us your list of questions in order of importance. Of course, it does not have to be structured and we can just talk off the cuff if you have general questions or need directions. It helps for us to know what type and style of wedding, as well as if there is a strong religious component, and the location.

20 min - $25

30 min - $35

45 min - $50

60 min - $75

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